Decision Intelligence and Optimization

We develop and integrate custom Decision Intelligence solutions, also known as Operations Research or optimization, that solve real-world business problems, such as finding the shortest delivery routes, creating an optimal class or work schedule, or packing items as tightly into containers as possible. And by including Machine Learning forecasting techniques, our solutions can anticipate future developments and react accordingly. We focus on your needs to create solutions with appropriate technologies and methods, from building client-facing mobile apps to entire data management platforms with APIs for programmatic integration into existing systems.

We provide consulting, one-on-one coaching, and classroom teaching services for different business roles. We train developers on implementing and optimizing Decision Intelligence models, support project managers in integrating Decision Intelligence solutions in the business and provide the management with the tools needed to implement long-term strategic technology programs.

For the benefits of using Decision Intelligence and how our process works, see below.

Path Optimization


Optimize to simplify


Nesting Optimization


Comprehensive Optimization


Optimal Performance


Optimization Playground: Optimal Bin Packing

This web app demonstrates optimized bin packing, a powerful algorithmic technique used to efficiently pack items of different sizes and shapes into a fixed space. We used Gurobi to find the optimal solution that minimizes wasted space and maximize the utilization of the van up to 86.4%. How well can you do the job?

Gurobi Optimization


The Gurobi Optimizer is a powerful solver for a wide range of optimisation problems, for example Linear Programming, Quadratic Programming, Mixed-Integer Linear Programming.

By formulating a problem as a mathematical models, a solver like the Gurobi Optimizer can consider trillions of  possibilities and find the best one, while respecting a large number of constraints.

Alliance Partner

As a prime Gurobi Alliance Partner in Switzerland, we are experts in using the Gurobi Optimizer to help providing you a solution for your optimization problems.

The Benefits of Decision Intelligence (aka Operations Research)

Automation saves effort

No manual work

Short reaction times

Variant generation

Eliminate sources of error

Ideal solutions at the first attempt

Reduce costs with
optimal solutions

Maximum resource efficiency

Maximum customer satisfaction

Our Process

Step 1: Requirements and Needs

We help you collect your requirements and business needs. Typical optimization applications include: 

  • Planning for hundreds of events
  • Space saving arrangement of articles
  • Short tours for delivery
  • Production plans for thousands of items
We also help you discover hidden requirements and needs or collect and document processes with data science and machine learning support (e.g., process mining).

Step 2: Formulation as a Mathematical Model

We formulate your requirements as a mathematical model, which can be solved with tools like the Gurobi Optimizer. The model and solutions are tested in field tests or proof of concepts and continuously adapted and improved until the requirements are met. 

Step 3: Integration into Existing Processes

We ensure that the solution integrates seamlessly into your process landscape.

Import lists and data from many sources

Fully automated or with manual operation via app/website

Export of plans in any format