Laszlo Istvan Etesi


Laszlo Etesi has been working in IT and Computer Science on various national and international projects for over 15 years. He has been involved in research projects as a developer, software architect, and project manager. He is currently leading the international analysis software development for STIX, an instrument on board of Solar Orbiter, the European Space Agency’s next solar mission. In his role as the technology transfer representative of the Computer Science department, he advises internal and external partners on applied research and development projects.

Simon Felix

Geschäftsleitung, Optimierungs-Spezialist

Simon Felix arbeitet seit über 15 Jahren in der kommerziellen Softwareentwicklung und ist seit mehr als 10 Jahre in der angewandten Forschung tätig. Als Projektleiter und Entwickler ist er massgeblich an der Realisierung zahlreicher Softwareprojekte für Industrie und Forschung beteiligt. Von Optimierung und Machine Learning, über Algorithmen und Softwarearchitektur, bis zur Bildverarbeitung und Computergrafik decken seine Tätigkeitsbereiche und Interessen ein breites Spektrum ab. Simon Felix hält an der FHNW mehrere Vorlesungen zu Algorithmen, Data Science und Programmiersprachen.

Nicky Hochmuth

Big Data Analytics Specialist

Nicky Hochmuth has been in applied research and development for more than 10 years. As a project manager and developer, he has been working on a wide range of software projects for the public and private sector. His expertise ranges from data structures, to data processing and analysis, to efficiently storing data, over to the visualization of information. Nicky Hochmuth is teaching data warehousing and information retrieval at the University of Applied Sciences North-western Switzerland FHNW.

Luca Schafroth

Web- and Application-Specialist

Luca Schafroth has more then 5 years experience as software developer. During this time he worked on a wide variety of projects: Web development and mobile apps, on 3D graphics for games, and Fraud Detection using Machine Learning methods.

Silvan Laube

Machine Learning and Software-Specialist

Silvan Laube worked on many different software projects over the past 10 years. A broad mix of service and research projects with both local and international customers and partners serve as a solid foundation for all sorts of future projects. His experiences span from developing mobile and web applications to image processing and complex machine learning solutions.