A novel interactive mHealth platform for personalised and accessible Cardiac Rehabilitation (CaRe)

Ateleris is one of four consortium members in the EUREKA/Eurostars project CaRe. The CaRe platform provides personalized experiences and better guidance for cardiac rehabilitation patients. This helps patients to stay motivated and actively engaged in their rehabilitation program. Studies have shown that only 30-40% of all cardiac patients fully complete the rehabilitation program.

Ateleris’ role is providing machine learning and analytics know-how and developing¬† smart decision-making algorithms. Ateleris is also actively supporting other consortium partners in their data analysis tasks, to gain additional insights from previous studies to help improve future studies in the frame of the CaRe project and to further enhance the platform performance.

Key Technologies/Terms
  • Exploratory Data Analytics
  • Clustering Algorithms (Machine Learning)
  • Python, R
  • eHealth
  • European Collaboration