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Generating Annual Class Schedules in Minutes

Ateleris built an optimization solution for to generate mathematically perfect course schedules for an entire year in minutes instead of days: Hundreds of courses at different locations, times and dates, dozens of teachers with specialized know-how, preferences, quotas, etc. This new optimization-based planning approach cuts costs and increases customer and teacher happiness.

The company offers adult education and furthering education classes and seminars. Among their courses are lectures and diploma courses for vocational trainers. is also officially accredited to train Swiss Federation for Adult Learning (SVEB) Practice and Course Instructors.

Organizing and planning the courses for an entire year is a time-consuming and challenging task. The team at offers hundreds of classes, for different topics, all over Switzerland. The teaching staff includes more than 30 teachers. Every teacher has specialized know-how, preferences, quotas, and limited availability. Therefore, finding an optimal schedule that meets all the requirements and respects the preferences of all involved persons is very difficult. As a result, until recently, often spent days constructing the schedule in a manual effort. But even with careful planning, it seemed necessary to hire additional teaching staff on short notice, despite the cost.

To simplify the herculean planning task, Ateleris modeled the entire planning problem mathematically with Mixed Integer Programming. The resulting application imports personnel and course data from Microsoft Excel and produces the ideal schedule in minutes, automatically – every year. By better meeting the preferred quotas of teachers, the hiring of additional teachers is minimized.

Our optimization solution reduces costs, improves course schedules, and respects the preferences of teaching staff and clients.

Key Technologies/Terms

  • Mixed Integer Programming
  • .NET
  • Mathematical Modelling and Optimization
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The company offers adult education and furthering education classes and seminars and is officially accredited by the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning (SVEB).

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