Strategic Procurement Project (original)

Machine learning for strategic procurement

Ateleris helped develop a procurement analytics application that can analyze large procurement data tables to find price outliers and identify potential savings.

Shouldcosting is a Swiss company specializing in procurement 4.0, engineering 4.0, data analytics, and predictive analytics.

Many procurement departments do not have a good overview of the fast changing item prices. Therefore, they often lack the information to do well on price negotiations with suppliers. Shouldcosting develops products that solve this problem, using machine learning techniques.

Ateleris and Shouldcosting developed a software application that finds price outliers and identifies potential savings. Ateleris evaluated different analytics algorithms and models and led the machine learning development efforts to build software that everyone can use.

Key Technologies/Terms

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • C#/.NET
  • Digital procurement
Shouldcosting GmbH

Shouldcosting is a Swiss company that specializes in procurement 4.0, engineering 4.0, data analytics and predictive analytics.

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