Online Puzzle Service and Games

Maintaining and Hosting Online Puzzles for Rätsel Agentur AG

Ateleris hosts and maintains the online puzzle service platform for Rätsel Agentur AG, Switzerland’s largest provider of online and offline puzzles of all kinds in German, French and Italian: Crossword puzzles, Sudokus, and many more. Ateleris is responsible for the development of the online puzzles and helps with integration into customer websites.
The online puzzle service is hosted on a Kubernetes cluster on Microsoft Azure’s new Switzerland North region to ensure high availability. Puzzles are written in Angular 8 and delivered via global Content Delivery Network Cloudflare. This means that we can deliver puzzles to thousands of visitors each month, reliably and without breaking a sweat.

Key Technologies/Terms

  • Java
  • Spring Boot
  • Angular 8
  • Polymer
  • Docker virtualization and Kubernetes
  • Scalable content delivery with Cloudflare CDN