Visual solar browser

JHelioviewer is an open source project started by the European Space Agency in 2009. It allows researchers to combine data from a large number of solar instruments and display images and metadata in 2D and 3D. Originally, JHelioviewer was developed to enable researchers to browse the huge data set of 1.5TB a day collected by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) and to combine those data with other instruments.

Quickly loading and visualizing the enormous data sets is the big challenge in JHelioviewer. Researchers do not want to wait unnecessarily and expect a friendly user interface. To achieve that, our team improved JHelioviewer by refactoring the code base completely. During this process the code shrunk to less than half its original size. This led to a drastic reduction of known bugs, improved performance and simplified the implementation of new ideas.

Key Technologies/Terms
  • Image processing
  • Data compression
  • Data streaming
  • Software design and architecture
  • Java