Algorithms & Data

We engineer smart algorithms that make autonomous decisions, find the needle in the haystack, or automate and optimize your processes.

Specialty Software & Apps

We develop software and apps with a certain Je-Ne-Sais-Quoi, from embedded software for satellites and robots, to intelligent apps for your mobile device.

Web & API Solutions

We design, build and maintain full-stack web service solutions so you can provide digital services to your clients.


Business Analytics & Intelligence

We analyze and visualize your business data to generate insights that matter, so you can make better decisions, be more efficient, and save money.

Business Development

We assist you from A to Z in your next innovation cycle of your product or business idea. We show you options and alternatives, and help you select the most fitting approach and technology.

Know-How Transfer

We share our know-how on emerging technologies with you in workshops or 1:1 consulting, to bring your team up-to-speed or by reviewing system architectures.