Services that Surpass Your Expectations

A Journey Together

We want to create significant value for you and your business, and therefore we will work closely with you throughout the entire product development. Our goal is to provide you with the services and know-how needed: IT consulting, IT project management, and software architecture and design through agile software development, algorithm engineering, and software service platform operations.

We stay up-to-date on state-of-the-art and industry-standard programming languages, software development methodologies, and algorithms. With our strong heritage of running applied research and development projects, we always keep an eye out for emerging technologies and follow-up on software engineering and algorithm research developments. All that, so we can choose the best technologies and methods and provide you with great value.

We Will Join You When Needed

Every project knows different life-cycle stages. We will join you when you call upon us and help you where we are needed. We can take over the entire project, play a supporting role, build a software prototype, design an algorithm module, or operate your web platform. Or we can execute a programming audit or evaluating a business intelligence scenario. We are here to help you.

Project Definition
Business Development
Requirements Engineering
Data and Algorithm Strategy

Every journey begins with an idea. Together with you, we evaluate different approaches and develop innovative solution concepts. We support you in setting up your project, and we help you collect and align the expectations of your clients, internal stakeholders, and other interest groups.

We draw from our extensive experience of developing products for different business and industry domains, working in interdisciplinary and international projects, and from our high affinity for technology to provide real added value and suitable solutions to you and your clients.

Proof of Concepts (PoC)
Exploratory Data Science

Ideas need to be tested and evaluated in a much smaller setting before being fully implemented and released into production. We design and execute proof of concepts, where we conceptualize, build, and then field test prototypes with your clients or your team. Prototypes can range from interactive web-/app-based click dummies to minimally viable versions of mobile apps, software components, web services, and web APIs.

For data-driven and algorithm-based products, we use exploratory data science methods to evaluate your idea’s feasibility. We apply simplified algorithms and mathematical models to a reduced business data set and estimate your envisioned business case’s potential and viability.

Solution Implementation
Algorithm Engineering
Data Engineering

Once we defined the requirements, developed and validated all concepts, and successfully executed the feasibility studies, we start the implementation phase and build your innovative product. The project is defined and scoped, and, together, we are ready to go.

Our processes are lean, and we always apply agile methods: when we develop applications, design an algorithm, build optimization models, or engineer a machine learning solution. We make sure to stay focused on your needs and product goals and to provide you with innovative and sustainable solutions in a short amount of time.

All the while, we promise to keep you in the loop and our collaboration close.

Platform Operation
Continued Development

Upon successful project completion, when we built, tested, and validated your product, it is time to release it into production. We operate and maintain your product, host it in the cloud, ensure active monitoring of all services, so they are reliably available, and support you.

While your product is being used and enjoyed by your customers, we help you collect and evaluate user feedback and engage with you to plan and assess the next product improvement.

Our Services by Topic

We Develop Software, Algorithms and Entire Solutions

Algorithms & Data

We engineer smart algorithms that make autonomous decisions, find the needle in the haystack, or automate and optimize your processes.

Specialty Software & Apps

We develop software and apps with a certain Je-Ne-Sais-Quoi, from embedded software for satellites and robots, to intelligent apps for your mobile device.

Web & API Solutions

We design, build and maintain full-stack web service solutions so you can provide digital services to your clients.

We Offer IT-Consulting and Business Development

Business Analytics & Intelligence

We analyze and visualize your business data to generate insights that matter, so you can make better decisions, be more efficient, and save money.

Business Development

We assist you from A to Z in your next innovation cycle of your product or business idea. We show you options and alternatives, and help you select the most fitting approach and technology.

Know-How Transfer

We share our know-how on emerging technologies with you in workshops or 1:1 consulting, to bring your team up-to-speed or by reviewing system architectures.