Intelligent Apps

Using Artificial Intelligence

Designing applications with smart algorithms that help and guide you and your users, or even make autonomous decisions. All based on your data.

Smart Software

Using Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms learn from you and your data, and can automate regular tasks or continuously monitor complex data to detect anomalies or bring important events to your attention.

(Process) Optimization

Using Mathematical Programming

By modelling your business processes (production planning, scheduling, packing, placing, etc.) our optimization algorithms find more cost or resource efficient ways.

Hardware Programming

Using Embedded Software

Writing efficient code - in C or even assembly - to control scientific instruments, robots or other embedded systems.

Space & Science Applications

Space: The Final Frontier

Writing software for instruments and science applications touch many of the aforementioned disciplines and require a good understanding of fundamental and complex scientific mission objectives.

Scientific Data Exploitation

Pulling It Together

Building data processing pipelines and machinery that pull in raw data, transform it into scientifically useful data products, and help scientists search and find, reduce, combine, analyze and visualize data.

Full-Stack Web Development

Using Spring Boot & Angular

Developing light self-contained web services in Java and Spring Boot, C# and ASP.NET, exposing self-documenting APIs with Swagger, authenticating users with OAuth2, and designing beautiful user interfaces in Angular or Blazor.

High-Availability Web Services

Using Docker, Kubernetes & Cloudflare

Managing dockerized web services on our Kubernetes cluster hosted in Switzerland. We assure high-availability by distributing web traffic to multiple instances, geo-replicating data to multiple database locations, and by protecting your site with CDNs.

Business Intelligence

Using Data Science

This is all about collecting, preparing, and combining data from multiple sources, asking the right questions, and visualizing the findings, to create insights and surface hidden information.