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We believe asking the right questions and examining ideas from different angles are key steps to building the right solutions (also see methods like Design Thinking, User-Centered Design, or User Experience Design). It is well worth spending time in the beginning setting everything up rather than missing the target. The great thing is that all these methodologies can be applied to any project or domain; see some examples below, from Apps 📱 to IoT 💡 to building MVPs 🛠️ to Space 🚀 and more!

Software Life Cycle
Ideate, Test, Implement, and Refine

So, we designed the Idea Pad to be your creative companion, guiding you from the spark of inspiration to a thorough reflection of your idea. At its core, it’s more than just a tool for jotting down thoughts; it’s a structured guide that prompts you with the right questions, ensuring you consider all facets of your idea.

Whether you are an entrepreneur brainstorming the next big thing, a business owner who wants to bring their service to potential customers, or an innovator solving complex problems, the Idea Pad is your roadmap to success.

Since every project is a journey, you may need a few extra helpers along the way, like a Navigator, Travel Guide, Expedition Leader, Survival Expert, or Medic. If so, do reach out to us 📣!

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Meet our UX designers

Our specialists will be happy to answer your questions. Do not hesitate to send them an e-mail with your request.

Andrea Zirn

Andrea Zirn

Andrea is a project manager for several client projects and the creative lead of our smart transcription web app, Stenoris.
Orell Bühler

Orell Bühler

Orell introduces UXD methods into space projects and shows our partners and ESA that there are alternatives to the outdated waterfall model.
Joel Blumer (600x600)

Joel Blumer

As an ICT architect, Joel helps clients get their projects off the ground by collecting and consolidating requirements, mapping processes, and compiling design documents.

Emilie Etesi

Emilie is an Innovation and Design Thinking Facilitation expert. As the founder of amplilabs, she occasionally supports Ateleris with project and client workshops.

Some special journeys

Our very own journey

Are you tired of typing sometimes? We were, so we embarked on our own journey. Say hello to Stenoris 🎙️, our smart transcription web app.

Stakeholder workshop to kick off an IoT platform

An early stakeholder workshop to collect and map the expectations, individual stakeholder processes, and interfaces can help prioritize requirements and major features early.

Vision 2025 > MVP Dashboard > New Product

A small Vision 2025 workshop laid the foundation for a prototype monitoring dashboard, which then became the basis for a new product.

Mockups for «Rocket Science»

An iterative requirements engineering and design process, supported by mockups, can help refine even and guide complex projects in the Space domain.

Mockup with Figma
A mockup built with Figma

There is more...

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  • WHAT is the goal of the project?
  • WHAT will the project produce, build, or deliver?
  • WHAT impact will the project generate?
  • WHAT skills are needed to deliver the project?
  • WHAT are the key objectives?
  • WHY is this project important for us?
  • WHY do users need the produce/service?
  • WHY should we prioritize the project?
  • WHY is now a good time to do the project?
  • WHY is/was a particular strategy chosen?
  • WHO is responsible/accountable for the project?
  • WHO will manage the project?
  • WHO will benefit from the project?
  • WHO will be affected by the project?
  • WHO are the project stakeholders?
  • WHEN will the work be carried out?
  • WHEN are the critical milestones?
  • WHEN should be user research conducted?
  • WHEN do we review the implemented design?
  • WHEN will we do user testing?
  • WHEN will the project complete?
  • HOW will the work be carried out?
  • HOW are we going to engage stakeholders?
  • HOW will we manage risks or issues?
  • HOW much will the project cost?
  • HOW will we measure the success of the project?
  • HOW will we pay for the project (ROI)?
  • HOW will we generate revenue with the results?
  • WHERE are project dependencies/interfaces?
  • WHERE can crucial documents be accessed?
  • WHERE do users primarily engage with the product/service?
  • WHERE should we look for inspiration?
  • WHERE can we test the produce/service?
  • WHERE are there risks?

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