IoT Platform for Process Monitoring and Optimization (Duplex)

IoT Platform for Process Monitoring and Optimization

Ateleris engineered a cloud-based IoT platform for Bang&Clean’s new CloudEx boiler cleaning system. The platform collects process data and sensor measurements to monitor the CloudEx system performance and optimize detonations continuously.

Bang&Clean Technologies AG has developed a process for boiler cleaning using gas detonation. The patented PressureWave+ and CloudEx solutions are licensed to companies worldwide and offered as a service to end customers through B&C’s subsidiaries.

While the existing PressureWave+ solution is a portable device, the new product CloudEx is a fixed cleaning system installed directly at the boiler. CloudEx ignites controlled explosions to clean the tube bundles and heating surfaces inside the boiler without requiring manual intervention or interruption of the customer’s processes. Sensors constantly monitor detonation processes, and CloudEx saves the measurements for analysis, maintenance, and process optimization.

Ateleris designed and developed the IoT platform that centrally collects and stores the data from the distributed CloudEx installations. All communication between the IoT devices and the cloud occurs over a secure MQTT interface. Data collected by the IoT platform encompass regular heartbeat, process information, measurements, alarms, and in certain circumstances, high-resolution samples with over 40 values.

Ateleris operated the IoT platform in their Microsoft Azure Cloud during development to support early pilot testing. In the meantime, Ateleris has helped B&C set up its Azure cloud tenant to operate the production-grade environment.

Key Technologies/Terms

  • ASP.NET 6
  • MQTT
  • React, TypeScript, SCSS, JSON
  • OAuth2 / OIDC authentication and authorization with Azure AD
  • Microsoft Azure SQL
  • Kubernetes
Bang&Clean Technologies AG

Bang&Clean Technologies AG offers an effective solution for boiler cleaning using pressure waves.

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