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Online Puzzle Platform and Games as a Service

Ateleris operates the online puzzle platform and services for Rätsel Agentur AG so that tens of thousands of users every month can play Crossword puzzles and Sudokus in their web browsers.

Rätsel Agentur AG is Switzerland’s largest provider of online and offline puzzles of all kinds in German, French and Italian. They produce Crossword puzzles, Sudokus, Bimaru, and many more.  Ateleris was selected as Rätsel Agentur AG’s primary technology partner to build and operate the online puzzle service and consult on IT issues.

To that end, Ateleris is operating the online puzzle platform while also providing full-stack development services and support. Ateleris maintains and further extends all back-end web services and all browser-based puzzle content –  Try the puzzles yourself!

The online puzzle platform is built with Java and Spring Boot and runs on a Kubernetes cluster in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Switzerland. This setup ensures the high availability of all services and guarantees that all data remain in Switzerland.

The user-facing puzzles are packaged as separate web components so clients can easily integrate them into their websites. They are built with Polymer and Angular 8 and are all based on a tailor-made puzzle framework. This framework simplifies the development of new features, and it dramatically reduces effort and time to release entirely new puzzles.

We continuously monitor all services and resources using Microsoft Azure’s Application Insights to ensure the online puzzle platform’s high-availability – we swiftly detect anything out of the ordinary. Moreover, all content is delivered via the global content delivery network Cloudflare to improve our services’ reliability further.

With this solution, we can deliver puzzles to tens of thousands of visitors each month. Constantly, reliably and without breaking a sweat.

Key Technologies/Terms

  • Full-stack development with Java/Spring Boot, Polymer framework, and Angular 8
  • Online platform operation with Docker virtualization and Kubernetes
  • Scalable content delivery with Cloudflare CDN
Rätsel Agentur AG (highres)

Rätsel Agentur AG is Switzerland's largest provider of online and offline puzzles of all kinds in German, French and Italian. Crossword puzzles, Sudokus, and many more.

"The cooperation with Ateleris is an excellent benefit for our company – professionally, but also personally. Without exception, Ateleris is providing us with extremely competent, solution-oriented advice. They are involved and think outside the box. Ateleris helps us adapt our business model to the latest trends and even enables us to take on the pioneering role. A reliable partnership that we appreciate very much."
Luca Schafroth

Luca Schafroth

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