FirstStrike Project Game Development (original)

Artificial Intelligence and Game Development

Ateleris added features to the critically acclaimed game First Strike by Blindflug Studios and developed an artificial intelligence algorithm for players to play against the computer.

Blindflug Studios is an indie game studio from Zurich, known for its beautiful games such as AIRHEART, Cloud Chasers, and First Strike. Blindflug Studios was among the first to launch a game on Apple Arcade: Stellar Commanders.

Blindflug Studios developed the critically acclaimed, commercially successful strategy game First Strike. Since its initial release, Ateleris helped add new game content and features, such as saving and resuming in-progress games. To make the single-player mode more fun, Ateleris developed an autonomous bot (artificial intelligence) to play against the player.

Ateleris emphasized high performance during all the development, as the game First Strike is played mostly on mobile devices.

Ateleris provided a tailor-made solution for an unusual project.

Key Technologies/Terms

  • Unity framework
  • C#/.NET
  • Game development
  • Artificial intelligence
Blindflug Studios

Blindflug Studios is an indie game studio based in Zurich, founded in 2014 by the creative agency Feinheit.

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