Technology: Intelligent Apps

Machine Learning Study Participant Matching (duplex)

Finding the Perfect Match with Machine Learning

Finding the perfect match with Machine Learning Ateleris built a smart artificial intelligence for TestingTime to help find the perfect match from a large pool of candidates. The matching algorithm increased candidate matching performance by 250% by analyzing information from … Read More

Model-Based PO Analysis (duplex)

Model-based Analysis of Purchase Orders​

Model-based Analysis of Purchase Orders Ateleris developed a model-based analysis dashboard in Shiny/R to help Swisscom analyze and visualize purchase orders and get insights into their suppliers’ pricing structure. Swisscom AG is a major telecommunications provider in Switzerland, offering a … Read More

CaRe Project Digital Health (duplex)

Development of a Novel Interactive eHealth Platform

A novel interactive eHealth platform for personalised and accessible Cardiac Rehabilitation (CaRe) Ateleris is one of four collaborators on a European R&D project to build a novel interactive eHealth platform. Currently, Ateleris is developing a deep-learning-based training coach application to … Read More

Strategic Procurement Project (duplex)

Machine Learning for Strategic Procurement

Machine learning for strategic procurement Ateleris helped develop a procurement analytics application that can analyze large procurement data tables to find price outliers and identify potential savings. Shouldcosting is a Swiss company specializing in procurement 4.0, engineering 4.0, data analytics, … Read More

Welding Seam Analysis Project (duplex)

Automatic Quality Control of Welding Seams

Automatic quality control of welding seams Ateleris team members were involved in selecting image processing algorithms for the detection of welding seams and their automatic quality control evaluation. In an assembly step of a Swiss high-tech company, tiny metal pieces … Read More

Navigation Algorithm for Robot (duplex)

Development of Navigation Algorithms for Robots

Development of Navigation Algorithm for Robots Ateleris developed optimization algorithms for a robotic system (carebot) to find the shortest path (around obstacles) from A to B. Later, Ateleris added discovery algorithms to enable the robot to map the floor plan … Read More

FirstStrike Project Game Development (duplex)

Artificial Intelligence and Game Development

Artificial Intelligence and Game Development Ateleris added features to the critically acclaimed game First Strike by Blindflug Studios and developed an artificial intelligence algorithm for players to play against the computer. Blindflug Studios is an indie game studio from Zurich, … Read More